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Welcome, Annabelle Losa is a contemporary Artist living and working in the UK. Annabelle has always been a creative and Artist whose work captures a magical light and beauty in an Impressionistic Abstract style. Her paintings serve as the inspiration for what she describes as her “encounter state” a transcendental experience of uplifting peace  whilst she is painting. Whether you are looking for a special original piece for your home, work space or for a gift you have come to the right place!

Art has the incredible gift to connect with people and their emotions, to correlate stories.

“My heart and passion is making art, every brushstroke or mark I make on canvas allows me to express and understand my journey a bit further. Ultimately inviting you to embark on that journey with me. I pour my heart into every piece I make hidden text, scripture, poetry, often become part of the work holding a precious intimacy that you can enjoy. My paintings often develop into landscapes abstract and impressionistic. Abstract in my mind implies that the viewer is not going to understand the work and see it the same way as the next person. What I find most exciting is that people who love my artwork bring their own story and unique engagement to the work”


I am constantly pushing myself and learning something new. With sculpture the stone speaks to me. I carve and chip away towards where I am gravitated to. The stone draws and calls to me and I am committed to where it wants go, with the work evolving organically. You can’t replace what you have taken out.

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