“My heart and passion are making art, every brushstroke or mark I make on canvas allows me to express and understand my journey a bit further. Ultimately inviting you to embark on that journey with me. I pour my heart into every piece I make hidden text, scripture, poetry, often become part of the work holding a precious intimacy that you can enjoy. My paintings often develop into landscapes abstract and impressionistic. Abstract in my mind implies that the viewer is not going to understand the work and see it the same way as the next person. What I find most exciting is that people who love my artwork bring their own story and unique engagement to the work”

Featured Paintings


Original painting


Original painting £1,200.00


Original painting £1,200.00

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An NFT (Non – Fungible Token) is a unique digital file—it exists as a coded series of 1s and 0s, just like any image file, word doc, or website. Except NFT’s also exist on a virtual ledger known as a blockchain. Here is some important blurb…Blockchains record the details of who created something, along with every transaction related to the item. Blockchains are secure and reliable because they cannot be forged, altered or duplicated. An NFT artwork can manifest as an image, an animation, audio, text, a hologram, or as any other digital embodiment of the creativity of the artist.

So why has Annabelle Losa gone down this route of making NFT’s?

“They offer an idiosyncratic type of inspiration. NFT’s are just one more ultimate medium from which to choose, or not choose… Nonetheless, even if they are just one more medium in a field saturated with mediums, NFT’s do have the potential to change the abstract art field, if only by normalizing the ability of people to value something they do not understand” 

“I want my artwork to be accessible in many forms so this is the first release and has only a limited prints release to go along side. The NFT’S I am currently making will only be made as an NFT’S some single and some multiple. It is important for me me to keep things moving and pushing boundaries”


Settled Mist NFT

0.25 ETH

Beautifully Broken

0.35 ETH


385 SOL