Annabelle Losa

Annabelle was born with dual Nationality Father Spanish, Mother British grew up on the South East coastline of Kent. Her works are a journey on a path of discovery, a celebration of a process where deconstructions and layers are hidden and re-built. A delve into the mysterious and subconscious? Or simply the things we cannot see and do not have access to? We trust that there is something beneath the surface, layer or veil but we do not know more than what our intuition tells us. 

Annabelle describes the mixing of the mediums she uses as……

Annabelle’s more recent works reveal more about not seeing the full picture. Part of her inspiration comes from the love of Japanese art and calligraphy, the colours and vast skies of Southern England and landscapes, juxtaposed with Annabelle’s growing up in the 80’s/90’s via dishevelled buildings and forgotten spaces layered in graffiti (Hidden gems of time gone by). Annabelle pull’s a lot from her faith, poetry, music and her surrounds, tapping into memory and emotions. Layer upon layer upon layer.

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